The Department of Posts provides postal services (including Rural/Postal Life Insurance schemes) to the public through a large nationwide network of Post Offices.  Besides providing purely Postal Services, Post Offices perform agency functions like Saving Bank, Payment of Pension, Sale of Cash Certificates etc. on behalf of other Ministries/Departments of the Government of India / Other Organizations.

As mentioned earlier, the whole of India is divided into 24 Postal Circles.  Each Circle is further divided into Regions.  The total number of Regions in India is 37.  The basic unit of administration is a Division, it is headed by a Sr. Superintendent of Post Office or Superintendent of Post Office.  There are 442 Postal Divisions.

As part of India Post IT Modernization Project 2012, the ‘Core Insurance Solution’ was introduced for insurance activities of the Department of Posts through PLI/RPLI and the creation of Central Processing Centres (CPCs) was envisaged. The Central Processing Centres for PLI/RPLI have been created in the Head Post Offices across the Circles. CPC is a branch of Head Post Office where all work related to PLI/RPLI is carried out such as, issuance of policy documents/bond, acceptance & processing of various other service requests both financial and non-financial in nature, besides, collection of premium, disbursement of various claims are done at counters of Post Offices. Currently, there are 808 functional CPCs carrying out the insurance activities of the Department besides around 24000+ Sub Post offices where collection of premium, disbursement of claims and acceptance of all financial & non-financial service requests are handled.

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